PHOTO CAPTION: Jocelyn Sara, at right, was photographed on the set of the show The Society, which will premiere on Netflix in June 2019.


By Sneha Shetty

When and why did you move to Andover?

My family and I moved to Andover in June. We moved because my dad got a job here and it was a promotion from his original job. It was a really good opportunity for him, so we ended up moving in the summertime.

Were there any challenges these past couple of months from the move?

Yes. So when we moved here, we obviously were going to a new school. It was hard for me, as well as my other siblings, because we didn’t really know anybody. So it was challenging to make friends. There was a point where we all felt a little bit alone. But as the year progressed, it got better.

Are there any major differences between the schools in Massachusetts and Utah?

Yes, there are lots of differences. In Utah, we had the A day-B day schedule, but here we have the 7+H schedule, which is really weird. Also, in Utah schools, they’re much bigger so that was kind of an adjustment for us. There are also small differences such as parking. In Utah, it was first-come, first-serve but here it’s reserved parking spots.

How about the differences between the two states, in general?

In terms of weather, here it’s much more humid. Also, in Utah, everyone’s Mormon. It’s so much more different because you kind of expect everyone to be Mormon or know about the Mormon church. But here, there’s only about eight people who are, so it’s such a different environment because some people don’t even know what a Mormon is.

Since you are a Mormon, can you explain what exactly that means?

[Chuckles.] Yeah, so basically a Mormon believes in God, the eternal father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We believe where you go in your next life depends on your actions on Earth now. Like, heaven, the middle kingdom, or hell. We believe that there is a world after this and we have to be righteous on Earth.

Moving on to your acting career, can you talk about any recent projects you’ve been a part of?

My first project was being on the Netflix show, The Society, for a month. I started off by being an extra, but then I was able to get promoted to a stand-in, which really helped me get out there because I got some more recognition. And I’ve gotten to do some smaller projects also. Recently, I just got selected to be one of the main roles in a film coming up and was a part of different projects like The Lost Song and The Resident. You just need to know certain connections, but it’s been really fun and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

When did you start acting and know you wanted to be an actor?

So I always wanted to be an actor,. I just never knew the right connections. In middle school, I did a lot of theatre and that’s when I found I really enjoyed it. But when I came to high school, I stopped doing theatre because I didn’t really think I would get anywhere with it. However, once I got into the Netflix show, I saw a whole new world of opportunities and I started to get back into the business. I was like, “Oh my gosh, there are so many things that I could be a part of that I didn’t even know about.” That was what made me want to do it more.

So, how was the experience being on set for the Netflix show?

It was super interesting because I didn’t really know what to expect. What happened was on my first day, I got to see how it’s like to be an extra. You go into holding, and then when they need you, you come out, but it was so cool to see all the cameras, sets, and how a TV show is filmed behind the scenes. We got to see some really cool sets, which will blow your mind away. And when I became a stand-in, I got to be behind the scenes much more, and personally got to know the actors. It was cool because you get to see an actor on screen, but when you get to personally know them, it’s so much more different. It’s like, “Whoa, they’re a real person!”

Did you have to audition for your role or were you chosen?

So I basically got selected. I signed up for Boston Casting on a website and they noticed that I was very close to where they were filming. Since they needed extras, they emailed me and offered me to come in. That’s basically how I got started.


PHOTO CAPTION: AHS senior Jocelyn Sara can be seen in the back row of this photo of the cast of Netflix’s upcoming drama The Society. (She is the one toward the back holding up peace signs.) The show is about a group of teenagers who leave town for a few days and when they return all the adults are gone. They must figure out a way to live on their own and provide for themselves. The show is an adaptation of the novel Lord of the Flies.