PHOTO CAPTION: The Sit With Us app, which is available on any phone, has many different features including finding or becoming an ambassador, a chat room, and a search for nearby events.

By Susan Matteucci

Beginning this year, students at Andover High School, with the help of guidance, have been attempting to integrate the Sit With Us app into the high school to make the cafeteria a more accepting place.

Sit With Us is an app that helps students find friendly tables to sit at in the cafeteria. Its job is to prevent bullying and help kids feel accepted in their school. The program at Andover High has started this year and is just getting off the ground with the help of Ms. Kirby and Ms. Dwyer in the counselling office.

Dwyer hopes the app will help fight the massive amounts of bullying in public schools, “certainly in the cafeteria, which can be a really daunting and intimidating place.”

“The app works in two ways,” said Dwyer. “First off, there are the people who serve as what we call ambassadors.”

These ambassadors send the word out through the app that they are a friendly table open to any student who needs a place to sit. They make up the Sit With Us community and are made up of student volunteers.

Then, Dwyer explained, any student who needs a place to sit can simply go on the app and message an ambassador.

“And then they magically find each other in the cafeteria,” Dwyer joked. “We are still working on the technology kinks and hopefully making it be less awkward.”

However, awkwardness seems to be the least of the app’s worries. It is more than half-way through the school year and there appears to be ten people in total on the app at Andover High School so far, and no events posted. The Sit With Us app has gotten off to a very poor start.

“I signed up to be a student ambassador at the end of junior year,” said senior Mark Haskell. “I have not hosted any lunches at this time.”

The administration hopes the app will pick up some momentum by making more people in the building aware of it, as well as recruiting more ambassadors. This way, students who might need the app will know it is ready for them whenever they want it.

“I really just hope that it becomes part of the culture here at Andover High School,” said Dwyer.