By Abby Hurley

Andover High School last month began hosting its first entrepreneurship competition for all students.

Mr. Messina, an instructor in Applied Technology and Marketing, proposed the idea of having a real-world decision-making competition for students to team up and create their own business app. The focus will be on education–with the exception of some open-ended ideas. Students can create anything that can be used to improve an aspect of technology.

“Schools all around the area have events like this, and I thought it would be a great for our school,” Mr. Messina said. “Students will get the opportunity to create something beneficial and get rewarded for it. It’ll also give them the chance to be heard by real people in the field.”

The top ten contributors will be chosen from all of the ideas submitted, and those ten will expand on their original design. In later months there will be an official business meeting in the library where experienced local professionals will watch the contestants go onstage and present their ideas.

“I’m definitely excited to take a look at it,” potential contestant Andoni Kareklas said. “I think forming a group with friends and figuring out a whole plan will be a good experience for us. Especially having qualified people view our ideas and give feedback.”

Mr. Messina is applying for a grant that will reward the top three groups or individuals. He hopes to be able to give cash prizes, but the actual amount hasn’t been confirmed yet.