By Georgia Allen

Andover High School has acquired new overhead projectors.

These new overhead projectors are greatly improved, and contain many new features aimed to make the lives of the staff at Andover High School easier.

Installation of the new projectors began last week. (Photo by Georgia Allen)

Due to the fact that some projectors in the classrooms were more advanced than others, only some of the projectors will be replaced. Starting January 14, the new projectors were to be installed in seven rooms on the first floor, nine rooms on the second floor, and sixteen rooms on the second floor. Three projectors were to be installed per day.

English teacher Ms. Gelinas stated, “I’m very excited [for the new projectors] because on the old ones the image wasn’t very aligned and sides were always being cut off, so now it will be a lot easier to use.” 

The new projectors will be equipped with Apple TV’s and a Chromecast, providing easier streaming. They will have touch screens, so that as many as four students can work on the board at once.

“Their only function [of the previous models] was to project, and now they will have many more functions that will make them easier to use,” explained Mr. Felix of the Technology Department. The projectors will be able to have split screens so that the teacher can show two images at once, and can save any notes that they write on the white board.  

“I made new installations on the projectors to make it easier for the teachers, and to make sure that they are able to project everything very easily,” Felix mentioned.

The school is replacing the old projectors because they were very outdated. “It’s good that they are replacing the old projectors and making them up to date, because some of them were broken, or not working properly, which is very unfortunate,” Gelinas says.

Around for about ten years, these projectors gave some teachers trouble while they were trying to project their computer screen. “The projector in our room didn’t function the way we needed it to, and it always had the same problems involving sound, so I was really excited when I heard that I was getting a new projector,” says English teacher Mr. Howland.