By Abby Hurley

Andover High School students will test their educational skills against other regional schools for a third time this January on Billy Costa’s annual WGBH High School Quiz Show.

Each competing team consists of four contestants and one or two alternates. Seniors Ayan Chowdhury and Omkar Savkur are returning to compete alongside newcomers Naren Savkur and Noah Coyle. Andovers has a current winning streak under their belt, which risks the chances of the current team feeling the pressure to win.

“I certainly hope for me and my teammates to continue the AHS Quiz Team’s stellar record, especially after last year’s group won the High School Quiz Show,” Noah Coyle said. “However, I don’t find this situation to be in any way scary; rather, I believe that it encourages a healthy competitiveness that enriches the trivia experience.”

Sixteen schools made it onto the show and our first matchup is versus Westford Academy. The AHS students meet up once or twice every week to practice their abilities individually or in groups and also prepare for the possible questions that will be asked. They have several Google Docs where they cross-examine one another with questions ranging from math to current events. Watching old episodes is also a strong form of practice they take part in.

“They’re trying to gain knowledge on various subjects such as current events, school academics, and random pop culture facts. It’s exciting and only kind of scary,” said adviser Mr. Hibino. “Of course we want to win but we don’t want any students to be stressed. It’s something we’re definitely excited about [but it] shouldn’t be something they stress more than a biology quiz about.”

Students will film all their episodes in the span of a week–it takes around two hours to tape an episode of High School Quiz Show–but public air dates will be evenly distributed for the public until the finale in April. All the Massachusetts kids must promise not to spoil the results of the show.

Since we have been on the show before, we know what to expect and the types of questions that will be asked,” Savkur said. “We start studying in the middle of the summer.”