By Courtney Duffy

The senior class at Andover High is fully into the festivity season. Plans for activities the rest of the year have been put into motion and excitement is building steadily.

To make all of the events possible, students–mostly senior board members–are taking many matters into their own hands, handling everything down to raising money and spreading school spirit. The list of activities and trips expands through the fall and winter and will carry over into the spring as we prepare to say goodbye to our seniors and wish them the best of luck during their lives after of AHS.

Lots of the seniors can agree that this year is very important, and spending quality time at these events with their classmates will properly culminate their years at AHS. Though the halls are frequently filled with senior spirit, the festivities has and will spread outside the walls of Andover High, from cruising on Boston Harbor for last month’s boat cruise to travelling to the Boston Aquarium for the senior dance next spring.

Senior Ari Vecchio, a member of Senior Board, said, “I am most excited for the charity football game because it will be so much fun to dress up and play football while the guys are cheerleaders.” The game will take place on Friday, November 16, and is a favorite for many seniors.

Mrs. Breen, one of the senior class advisors, has always enjoyed her job, saying, “I love being with high school students outside of the classroom, and being able to provide good, clean fun for them.”

Breen said that she started as a junior class advisor and decided to try being the senior class advisor because she wanted to “provide opportunities for kids to hang out with each other before they leave Andover High.”

Breen added that she is most excited for the seniors’ last dance, saying, “I think the seniors are always a little bit disappointed that they don’t have a prom, but when they get to the dance they realize that it is so much fun, and that they don’t need a prom.” Breen said the dance at the Boston Aquarium, in her eyes, is the year’s must-attend event.

Vecchio says that senior board is “exclusive and a lot of people didn’t get on. … It’s important because you sit on the stage during graduation and get to decide things for the whole class, like where we go for senior week, or what the [Charity Football Game] theme is.”

The commitment to senior board consists of weekly meetings at 7:15 a.m. and being ready to help whenever.

Vecchio added, “My experience so far is really good because I like being in charge of things and getting to choose things for the class. It was totally worth it because people look up to you a lot.”