By Karen Phung

The freshmen will have the chance to bond with other classmates on a field trip to Screamfest later today, Friday, October 26, but in order to attend they will have had to have paid a fee of $42.

Screamfest is an event that happens every October at Canobie Lake Park, a local amusement park where friends and family can go if they want an extra spooky Halloween. This field trip was planned by Mr. Duncan, one of the advisors for the Freshmen Board. He wanted this event to allow students at AHS to make connections with their graduating Class of 2022. Throughout this whole process of planning and discussing, the one recurring issue that most people are concerned with is the fee that had to be paid in order to go to Screamfest. Some students may be able to afford the fee, but others might not because they don’t have enough to cover the $42.

Mary Carmen Curley, a freshman, said that she was well aware of the field trip, but had no idea that the school was charging so much to go. “That is way too much for a field trip. Yeah, I understand that it’s Canobie Lake, but not everyone can pay or afford that,” explained the freshman.

Aaron Mistry, a member of the Freshmen board, offered another viewpoint of the $42 fee. “It makes sense because it includes everything like the bus rides, the admission, and maybe food. I guess it makes sense to cover the entire cost of the trip,” he said.

Duncan needs to split the cost of the bus by the total amount of students going and every bus holds only fifty people. Duncan stated, “I’m a little disappointed that it’s that expensive, but the tickets themselves were $32 and then the buses costs $66 per hour per bus. We need the bus for five hours so basically it’s like $350 per bus.” He had expressed hope that if enough students signed up, he might be able to get just one bus and refund people some money.

Duncan didn’t want money to play a factor in whether or not a student got to go to Screamfest. He had stated, “If one student can’t afford a ticket I don’t want that to be a reason why they don’t go so ideally I want to have extra money to cover at least two to three students or even four.”

Duncan added, “I think the initial idea was actually to go to Kimball Farms, but unfortunately they closed in early October, so there was no way.,” Duncan admitted. “Mr. Abbott [a fellow counselor and former Freshmen Board adviser] suggested maybe do a Halloween thing. So [we thought] Canobie Lake. We know the place, we’ve done field trips there before. It’s close [and] we know that they’re a good company that will work with us.”