By Bijan Haghighi-Mood

After his premiere 2017 release Neo Wax Bloom, Iglooghost returns with a set of EPs that bring back his usual engaging and entertaining hyperactive style but with an added set of contrasting moods.

For those who haven’t listened to any of his previous work: Iglooghost makes fast-paced, busy, ever-changing electronic music. His latest are more of the same but with the added flavor of two contrasting EPs. That dynamic quality to his music really helps it as it makes it an interesting listen almost every time due to how often it changes.

Clear Tamei offers a more bubbly and positive direction than its counterpart. The tracks tend to use more soft tones and, overall, are lighter sounding in most areas. Despite that, it still tends to amp up the volume and sounds from time to time, keeping it fresh. Not only is it the more bright of the two, but it goes into some experimental territory (for the artist) in the track “Clear Tamei” by adding lyrics but with the twist of it being in a made-up language. Tracks like “New Vectors” and “Nama” really show off the vibe Clear Tamei is going for quite well with the former’s light xylophone and choir usage and the latter’s more laid back but vibrantly busy aesthetic.

Steel Mogu goes in a darker direction but not in the way you would think. It mainly does this by using really thick sounds and even heavier percussion and drums. It also leads to much noisier tracks, which are pulled off really well. This applies mainly in the case of “Mei Mode,” with its constant scrubbing sound going on while heavy percussion and vocal samples wails on in the back. Despite that it feels like a rawer experience with the adjustments added to it.

Both Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu are identical in structure. (This is mostly a result of the double EP format.) Both have a short opening track that adds a bit of ambiance and then follows with four tracks afterwards. The biggest problem is really just how it feels a bit lackluster when it comes to the EPs playing off each other since they are clearly meant to be listened to in succession. Iglooghost didn’t go all the way when it came to making the two EPs sound completely different from each other. However this absolutely has no big effect on the quality of the tracks, and overall it is absolutely worth a listen if you are looking for a good electronic album.