By Abby Hurley

AHS students will take a field trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S Senate on October 16 to debate political issues.

Mrs. Robb’s and Mrs. Masters’ Democracy and Media Literacy classes will be going to Boston in order to take on the roles of senators through a simulation. Students from multiple schools will be meeting there and debating major topics that U.S senators have to deal with on the daily.

“I can tell you a senator has a six-year term and they do these things and those things, but for you to actually do that is going to imprint that on you and your mind way more than me just telling you about it,” Robb explained when speaking about why this field trip was useful.

An identity will be provided to each student with a political philosophy and background once they enter. They will be told if they’re representing a liberal or conservative and will have to base all their arguments for the day off of that mindset even if they completely don’t believe them.

Student Evie Lundbom, who is going on the trip next week, shared her thoughts on the assigned roles. “Personally, I really like that people are being assigned to a position. Anyone can debate in favor of their views and it’s easy to be biased, but it can actually be really fun to play devil’s advocate because it forces you to at least understand the other side’s perspective. I think people arguing against their personal beliefs can embrace it and learn from it.”

The EMK Institute is a replica of the US Senate in Washington and provides people with the full experience.

Principal Conrad attended the trip a couple years ago and found the responses and attitudes of each student to be incredible. “The students behaved very well, they took the activities seriously and were trying to understand and perform their duties with the utmost respect.  I think the fact that the Kennedy Center is a replica of the US Senate helps to instill the level of importance for students, and of course we have awesome students so that works in our favor too,” he said.