By Georgia Allen

This year at Andover High School, teachers must sign student’s hall passes in order for them to leave the classroom.

hall pass
Freshman Ruby Flood fills out a bathroom pass so that she can leave her classroom. (Photo by Georgia Allen)

The high school created more effective hall passes in order to stop students from staying in the hallway during class. These passes are meant to keep the citizens of the high school safe, and so their teachers know where they are at all times.

Assistant Principal Darlington said, “The hall passes from last year were just missing three key things; there was no date, no time, and there was no destination on the hall pass.”

Darlington added, “I believe we are going to keep these new hallpasses.” However, the school is still looking into ways to improve the log sheets next year, due to the fact that they do not have an origination room for you to fill in each time you leave the classroom.

“I think the new hall passes are working out very well for the most part; if you compared our hallways this year to the last year, there are a lot fewer people out in the hallways, and it results in less distractions and noise for the classrooms,” Darlington said.

Some students have expressed that they don’t feel comfortable asking their teacher to sign their hall pass. For instance, senior Jordan Clements stated, “It’s very inconvenient to interrupt the entire class and pause learning just so I can go get a drink of water or use the bathroom.”

Students must get their teacher’s signature as well as the time that they are leaving, which may interrupt the teacher, as well as their peers.

Darlington stated, “I want to try to work with kids to understand that they need to feel comfortable asking their teacher.”

Other students have expressed that five minutes is barely enough time to be out of the class, and they want to add a larger time span to leave the classroom.

Mr. Jackson, a hall monitor, said, “I would just make sure that the students have their IDs with them at all times to match them with the pass.” Jackson also states that the purpose is to “restrict people from walking in the hallway un- supervised.”