By Maddie Gugger

The well known Instagram account @wtw.mass (What’s the Word) featured Andover, North Andover, and Lawrence football games in a video tribute to the gas explosions that happened early last month.  

On Friday, Sept. 21, What’s the Word came to our football game against Lawrence High. Throughout the game they took videos using drones and handheld video cameras. They put all this footage together in a video that was later posted to their account.

What’s the Word doesn’t normally feature towns in the Merrimack Valley, so it was a special event for them to come to our game. Senior Jungle leader Sam Holland mentioned why: “They chose to come film our game because they haven’t filmed an Andover game before! It also helped that the game was being played in the aftermath of the explosions.” He also went on to mention how they are looking forward to coming back to film games in the future.

“For the MVC communities that were impacted by the gas explosions a week ago, the lights at Andover and NA High represented more than just another football game on Friday night; the games became an escape,” read the @wtw.mass instagram caption for the video.

There was a very positive reaction to this video. Many AHS students were impressed with the editing, music, and how the video showed the best highlights of the game. The video featured overhead drone footage of the football boys warmup as well as the cheerleaders and the student section, The Jungle. The account has about 107,000 followers and the video received almost 46,000 views.

The game was advertised well by the Jungle, and many people knew that the account was coming to the game. Holland said, “We had one of the largest turnouts ever at a football game, with 275+ kids sitting in our fan section, which is a lot more than I even imagined.” The Jungle hopes to continue this turnout for future games and events.

Many people noticed an increase in spirit and people at the game and were happy with the results. Senior football player Tommy Duncan said, “I was happy with the crowd because them being loud and engaged in the game gives the team more confidence.”

The boys went on to win this game against Lawrence.

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