This is part of a series of articles and related content on music at AHS prepared last spring by members of the Newspaper Production class: Haley Brenner, Maggie Graw, Nina McKone, and Leah Parrott.

The new H-Block schedule allowed the school orchestra to utilize one block for practice. Most members have been perfecting their skills for many years. They perform at assembly and evening concerts. During one of their rehearsals, the orchestra let us in to take a few pictures of them. With their teacher absent, the members took turns conducting the group and playing different pieces.

Abhi Agarwal, Ivan Qin, vasu Thirumalai, and Rohini Ros (left to right) play as a group at a practice last June. 


Jolene Pern focuses intently on her skills as she reads sheet music.
Ivan Pern plays along with his bandmates as the students take the lead at practice.
Dake Zhang, Kenneth Su, Anya Srikanth, Jolene Pern, and  Cailin Cronin (from right to left) harmonize their violins to create a smooth symphony.
John Lee takes a break from academics with one hour of music with his friends.