This is part of a series of articles and related content on music at AHS prepared last spring by members of the Newspaper Production class: Haley Brenner, Maggie Graw, Nina McKone, and Leah Parrott.

By Maggie Graw

Jenna Shorey, better know by her stage name, “Jenna Holiday,” is a 17-year-old junior at AHS. She is quickly becoming a rising star in the music industry. With over 556,000 plays on Spotify, three singles released, and a first place prize for the New England Sings singing competition under her belt, she is a star in the works.

Most recently, on June 8, Holiday released her newest song “Circus Circus,” which is described on her website as “a dark dream pop song about the twisted side of fame.” This song already has over 35,000 plays on Spotify.

Holiday was recently featured on the Matt Barri song “GO,” which she co-wrote; it already has over 67,000 plays. As described by her collaborator, Barri, “Jenna is super talented and her style of writing is something very new and fresh…. She’s incredible to work with and has such a unique sound.”

Holiday described her own music as “somewhere in the alternative pop realm.”

She said of “GO”: “It’s far more experimental than what could play on the radio.”

Holiday’s rise to fame began when she won the 2017 competition of New England Sings, a youth vocal competition. The competition is presented by Inspired Nation and meant for aspiring artists looking to break into the music world. As a result of the event, which took place last October, Holiday won a $500 cash prize and a Berklee College of Music Summer Sessions scholarship, and performed live at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s UnMask Cancer gala in Boston on October 21. She also performed her original single, “21,” at the Boston Tree Lighting in December.

Following her most recent release, Holiday said she “has a few songs produced for upcoming things, but mostly just loads of songs written and running for getting produced soon.”

At a young age of 11, Holiday started writing her own pieces of music, which led to her success in music today. Her piano teacher of eight years, Jim Zaroulis, described her as “the definition of the ideal student.” He went on to say, “Whether it be a student of music, the law, or glass painting, Jenna is someone who always and only wants to learn.” He said that he sees her in music in the future, as does Holiday: “I don’t like to set anything in stone, but I see myself somewhere in the music industry, or in a creative position somewhere. As long as I can create, I’ll be happy.”