Seniors Emily Gould and AJ Roberts are getting ready to shoot a full-length feature film right here at AHS.

A suspenseful thriller, Scratched will have some elements of horror mixed together with a lot of action. “We hope the audience is both creeped out, as well as intrigued by the story of what lies inside the walls of a seemingly normal high school,” explained Roberts.

The film itself follows the story of an unlikely group of students who find themselves trapped inside a school, risking their own demise at any attempt of escape. The main plot is set in motion as the students’ science teacher, Mr. Marx, assigns a large project where the students must meet early in the morning inside of the “school” hopefully to complete the assignment.

“The first scenes will be of our main character, Cameron,” said Roberts. “There will also be other students in Cameron’s class playing major roles in the film, with each having specific personalities relating to what they like to do outside of school as well as who they are friends with.”

So what exactly was the impetus for the story and project idea? According to Roberts, he and Gould wanted to do something with the TV Club, but weren’t exactly sure what. Once the story was formulated, they both spent much of last summer writing the script, and then planning the shooting schedule at various locations in and around AHS.

To help get the two students rolling on their project, film teacher Mr. Brennan stepped in to assist. “Casting main characters came first, then background performers,” explained Brennan. This initial part of the process was accomplished with Roberts and Gould both posting casting info to Facebook, plus reaching out to various school clubs, then holding actual auditions.

“Pretty soon they will be filming,” continued Brennan. The main difficulty has been firming up a shoot schedule where both actors and crew can actually be present. As Brennan explained, “With the many snow days, they’ve only been able to finalize a couple of filming dates.”

Lastly, the two seniors will have the enormous task of editing together everything they filmed. “Hopefully they will be able to edit the final cut by the end of the school year,” said Brennan. No small task in itself, made even more difficult by the fact that both Roberts and Gould have their Senior Capstone and Senior Exhibition to complete as well.

Roberts assured they will finish: “We’re willing to put in as much effort as we possibly can. And if we aren’t able to finish by end of the school year, we’ll just have to work on it this summer.”

By Victoria Spewock