Recycling club has seen an increase in its number of members since last year because more students want to make a difference and receive community service hours and extra credit.

Last year, when recycling club was starting out it barely had only a few members. This year, the club has more than forty students in it. New students have been joining because they want to help volunteer and make a difference in the community.

Mitali Gupte, the co-leader of the club, said, “I think recycling is very important, [as is] taking care of our environment because we’re consuming more than we produce.”

Recycling club is held on Fridays right after school in room 117. Students get assigned a hallway with a few friends and they collect all the recycling from the classrooms in that hallway. Then they take the big recycling bins with all the collected recyclables in it outside and keep it next to the curb for it to get picked up by the the town of Andover.

Trevor Albano, a member of the club, said, “I joined because I wanted to make a difference in the community and this is a fun way to do so because you get to roam around the hallways with your friends.”

“This is something good that we’re doing for the environment,” said Mrs. Gupte, the club advisor. “If we do not pick up the recyclables and put it in the recycling it goes in the trash and all the trash and all that paper going in the trash is a waste. If it goes to the recycling facilities they can use it for something better.”  

Along with wanting to make a difference, many students also joined because the club is a fun and easy way to get community service hours. Mrs. Gupte said, “A lot of people can not leave their home or leave the school and go outside to work to get community service hours so this is the best venue for them to get community service hours.” According to club member Aleah Davidson, the amount of time you spend recycling in the club is the amount of community service hours you get.

Some teachers even give students extra credit if they show up consistently. Club member Anthony Capone said, “I don’t get extra credit but some of my friends in the club do and I know it really helps them in classes.”

“There are some kids that have consistently come here for the last four years and they come here and they get their friends involved,” said Mrs. Gupte. “It’s more than us announcing it. It’s because of their word of mouth that we’re getting more and more people.”

By Reut Berman