The ten snow days this year are the reason students and teachers have to go to school on two Saturdays this spring.

Although most students think the reason we are going to Saturday school is that we aren’t reaching 180 days, it’s actually because we are not reaching “990 hours of instruction,” according to Superintendent Berman. The dates for the Saturday school are April 28th and May 12th. As of now the last day of school is scheduled to be on Friday, June 29, 2018.

Freshman Elaine Debonis thinks the Saturday school session will be fine because “many of [her] teachers say they are not going to have [them] do a lot of work.” Debonis also said that she would much rather go in on Saturdays than go farther into the summer because “luckily the added days aren’t affecting my summer plans.” Some people aren’t as lucky and their camps start before our school year ends.

There is an urban legend going around the school that if 75% of the school does not show up then the Saturday school doesn’t count. Mr. Conrad was not aware of this legend but said, “Absences will be taken on an individual basis as always.”

He said he “expects a lot of us will show up as learning is an important endeavor for most of us.” But, a lot of students have prior commitments that they cannot break. Prior commitments may include: work, religious classes, etc. (See previous story for how the administration is dealing with requests for early final xams.).

Science teacher Mr. Bledsoe says that he plans on having a lesson plan on the Saturdays. He thinks that we should try to make the best of it because we have no choice but to be at school. He comes from a private school background where Saturday lessons are a normal occurrence.

Bledsoe said that there is nothing you can do about the snow days.  He says that all the days we missed “were necessary either due to power outages or adverse weather conditions.”

By Iliana Brouillette