According to the AHS administration, students will not be allowed to take finals early, and if necessary, they must come back to school later on in the summer to make them up.

With already ten snow days this year, AHS students and teachers will end classes on June 25 and end finals on June 29. For some students, school going into June this late raises a conflict: do they stick with their early summer plans, or ditch their summer commitments to take finals? Students and teachers had been debating throughout the school, but Principal Conrad and the administration has made the final decision.

“We have a school policy and will be sticking to that policy,” Conrad said via email, referring to page 22, section F of the AHS student handbook. “The students will not be able to take their finals early.” This decision is being enforced in all of the classes schoolwide.

“Students who miss a final will need to schedule a time to take their final exam during the summer with their assistant principal,” Conrad also said.

 Science teacher Mr. Wall said that by letting students take finals early, it would “set a precedent that you can leave school when you want because there’s other things that are more important.” 

Freshman Mara Belanksy has sleepaway camp beginning on June 27. “I now have to go to either camp two days late or take my finals [another time],” Belansky said.

Many teachers are concerned that information from their final could be leaked if exams are allowed to be taken early. One of these teachers is Wall, who is concerned that students could spread the information to the others of the class. 

By Hayley Katz