The SAT, originally scheduled for March 10, was moved to March 24 after a powerful nor’easter swept through Andover, cutting power and making it impossible for the test to be held at the high school.

The rescheduling of the SAT was not a walk in the park, according to Ms. Lawrence, who runs the SATs for the high school. She and her team went through many obstacles to make March 24 work. “Most of the work came because the show choir was already booked [at AHS] for the 24th, so we had to move [the testing location] to West Middle School,” said Lawrence. “We had to get the rooms set up over there; lock the rooms; check in with custodians, Mr. Waters [assistant principal of WMS] and his secretary. We also had to get permission from Andreea Zaimes, who is the building use coordinator, to use WMS for testing.”

On the day of the testing, the SAT booklets were sent to the high school instead of the middle school, creating a lot of extra work for the custodians, Ms. Lawrence, and all other parties involved. “I have to say everyone pitched in,” said Lawrence. “Principal Conrad, his secretary Ms. Costagliola, all the custodians, they were wonderful and helped me a lot. West Middle was also very receptive. [The transition] went well all things considered.”

Rescheduling the test date meant that students took a different test on the 24th than they would’ve on the 10th due to security reasons. “We had to send back the tests for the 10th to SAT, and they sent out new testing because almost everyone [who took the test at different locations] tested on the 10th. We needed to have new booklets with new questions,” said Lawrence. “Same kind of test, just different questions.”

About 314 students took the SAT at the middle school. Some students, like Marisa McCarthy, a junior at AHS, were very happy about the postponement and felt more prepared than they would have two weeks prior because they had extra time to study. Other students, like Zoe Nepomnayshy and Julia Mazzuchi, both juniors, felt a little caught off guard by the delay and were not necessarily in favor of it.

Nepomnayshy, unlike McCarthy, did not feel more prepared for the rescheduled test: “I felt equally prepared on the new test day as I felt two weeks ago. I wouldn’t say the delay caused me more stress; however, I wish they would have had it on the original test date. I think I did the same on the new test date as I would have on the original test date.”

Mazzuchi actually felt less prepared given the extra time. “I think I felt more prepared for the one that was supposed to be two weeks ago because I had been studying for it and mentally preparing myself,” she said. “When it got moved, I didn’t want to study anymore and pretty much stopped.”

By Mia Wood