AHS sophomore Shea Krekorian is looked to as a leader on the girls varsity basketball team despite her only having been an underclassman during the 2017-18 season.

Shea Krekorian, sophomore. jumps to retrieve a rebound while playing
Woburn in the north final basketball playoff game. (Courtesy Photo)

The loss of athletic forces 2017 graduates Alyssa Casey and Jillian Webber, as well as the implant of a new coach, Mr. Hibino, provided the Warriors with a daunting task this season. Hibino knew that players had to step up and that Krekorian was the perfect player for the job. Also having a shortage of seniors led the team to have to work together and take input from players of all ages. They went 11-11 this season, which offered hope of coming back next year even stronger even though they will have lost team captain Caroline McDonald, a senior.

Krekorian averaged seven points, four rebounds, two assists, and two steals per game and was named the best defensive player of the year by her teammates and coaches.

Hibino said Krekorian displayed the traits he thought made a good leader.

McDonald said, “Shea really stepped up, becoming more of a voice and someone that I could go to and knew I could count on when trying to get the team on the same page.” McDonald was the only captain and senior this year and recognized how Krekorian, despite being young, was a leader. She said, “Sometimes not great players are great leaders but Shea is both, which is rare.”

Since she was young, Krekorian had a special talent on the court but this season one of her main focuses was to become more of a vocal leader: “I began to realize the importance of having the confidence to speak out and share my input with my coaches and teammates.” She realized that being a good teammate is more than just playing well; it is leading your team despite the circumstances.

Next year’s team is already looking successful because of the strong incoming senior grade that complements Krekorian well. She said, “Most of these girls and I have been playing together for years. I anticipate a very successful season next year because we have the time to keep working together in the offseason.”

By Livy Hodge