The building facility staff finished renovating the AHS main bathrooms in the last week of February.

The girls bathroom by the science wing on the second floor has been completely renovated. (Photo by Inhye Kang)

According to Assistant Principal Darlington, new hand dryers have been installed in all main bathrooms in the building. The girls bathrooms on the second and third floor by the science wing have been completely renovated with newly painted walls, tiles, partitions, toilets and sinks. A new toilet has been added to the boys bathroom by the cafeteria.

There had been various complaints about the main bathrooms both from faculty members and students before the construction. According to Mr. Darlington, bathroom tiles were falling off the walls and partitions were damaged. Before the construction, the boys bathroom by the cafeteria had only one toilet for around 200 boys every lunch.

“The bathrooms were in poor condition, and I think that they really needed the renovation,” said Ms. Giggie, an English teacher.

The updated hand dryers are more efficient than the old ones, which were often malfunctioning. The new dryers have been installed using the money from the Class of 2017’s gift donation. (For more on the hand dryers, see other article.)

Mr. Darlington said that they were able to keep the boys bathroom open during the construction but had to shut down the girls bathrooms down because most workers were men. Most female students were affected by the inconvenience of the closed bathrooms, but there were fewer female faculty members affected by it, as they use faculty bathrooms more frequently.

All bathrooms that were under construction reopened the first week of March. The construction began in January and took roughly two months.

Students and faculty members reacted positively to the new bathrooms, especially the new hand dryers.

“The hand dryers are very efficient, and I hope that they stay [working] that way,” said freshman Molly Pritchard.

The AHS administration is also working hard on new projects to improve the school. Ongoing construction will replace lockers with couches to make a student lounge area on the third floor. The school is required to submit forms to the town hall in order to making changes in the school building, and this process can take a period of time to get through. Students have spoken up about what changes they hope to see in the near future.

“I think the school can try to improve the cafeteria,” said freshman Vasu Thirumalai. “I know from personal experience that it is often hard to find a seat during lunch, because there aren’t enough [chairs] for everybody.”

By Inhye Kang