Recently bathrooms that had been closed for maintenance reopened with cleaned up interiors and new working hand dryers. The 2017 seniors gave AHS new hand dryers as their departing gift.

The previous hand dryers, which often did not work, may have discouraged students from washing their hands, which further leads to other students getting sick.  

“It probably does discourage students since they will have to walk out with wet hands,” said Ms. Caveney, a science teacher at AHS. “[The new appliances] will improve the hygiene in our school dramatically, in my opinion. Having working sinks and dryers seems so basic but obviously will make hand washing more accessible to our students.”

The newly reopened bathrooms have been long-awaited and well received among the students.  Faulty hand dryers had been a complaint among many. Brooke Hardock, an AHS sophomore, said, “I can leave the bathrooms with fully dry hands and not worry about the hand dryers not working.”  She and other students are excited about the bathrooms because of the disruption they caused previously.

“I’m hopeful that the newly renovated bathrooms will make students want to use [the hand dryers] and take an active role in their own hygiene,” said Ms. Desfosse, a health teacher at AHS. “Hopefully too, once they see the bathroom looking nice it will encourage everyone to take care of it and respect the space so it continues to look nice.”  

Not having clean bathrooms with soap and working hand dryers could pose a health threat to our school community and beyond–to families and the town as students spread germs.

Ms. Chaff, a nurse at AHS, stated, “Hand washing is the number one way to stop the spread of germs.”  

By Sonja Johnson