The Andover Show Choir went to a competition in Nashville, Tenn., during February break.

Their set theme this year was Icarus and the mixed group, From Start To Finish, made it to finals. (Mixed groups were the only groups that were eligible for finals.) From Start to Finish got sixth place in the competition in the morning and in the second competition at night they got fourth overall. The boy’s group, Back To Bass-ics, got second runner-up and the girl’s group, Nothin’ But Treble, got third runner-up.  

Mr. Desjardins, the director, said, he knew if From Start To Finish performed at their level of ability and talent level that they would be able to make finals. He also said that it was their best performance this year.

Ethan Gassè, a sophomore in Back To Bass-ics and From Start to Finish, said, “We always had a chance. It’s always a toss in nationals; you don’t know who you are competing [against] there.”

He continued, “The people who performed before really helped and taught the freshmen and the newcomers because everybody was able to pull their weight.”  

A sophomore who performed in From Start to Finish, Lauren Kole, commented that the nighttime performance was a second chance to give it their all. She also said that when they all got off stage they were all “crying and hugging. It was great.”

Gassè said, “The first morning we performed, we didn’t feel very confident about it, but we still managed to get into finals.” He went on to say that their performance for finals was “one of the greatest sounds and performances we ever put on.”

By Haley Brenner