On November 5th, Andover High School’s Model UN Club will have three committees participating in a conference at Phillips Academy. 

As explained by their comptroller, or leader, Abay Sharma, Model UN is “a club that models itself after the United Nations, an international organization that promotes and maintains international order and cooperation through diplomacy, humanitarian aid, and geopolitics.” The club dedicates their time to discussing and debating topics decided by the club’s leadership and trying to pass a resolution to resolve the matter at hand after two or three club meetings. 

The club will represent themselves at the conference with two assemblies, Crisis and General. The Crisis Committee with be discussing and acting upon present day issues in real-time. The Crisis Committee will be divided into two parts; one part will be focused on European Union Survival, and the other on World War II. The General Committee will consist of every country in the world having representation through a delegate or group of delegates, and delegations can discuss the topic. This year’s topic is Cyber-Terrorism.

At the Phillips Academy conference Andover High School will be represented by about 10 students. Other high schools are invited by PA to attend the full day conference at Phillips Academy.

By Maggie Graw