The Junior Board has tentatively postponed Field Day to May 15, depending on the AP exams schedule. 

This is the first year that Field Day will occur. The general idea for Field Day was first generated from the Junior Board applications in spring last year. The soon-to-be members of the Junior Board were looking for a new, annual event that they could incorporate into the school year and concluded that Field Day would be the perfect way. According to Mrs. Hibino, one of the Junior Board advisers, “The major goal we are trying to achieve through field day is building school spirit and a sense of community here at AHS.”

According to Mrs. Hibino, Field Day was cancelled due to Hurricane Jose, which was predicted to produce an overwhelming amount of rain. However, on the morning of Field Day, there was no rain, but Mrs. Hibino said, “Due to all the rain we had over the long weekend the fields and grass were still pretty wet and muddy which would’ve made some of the events tough to do.” 

Field day will occur in the spring and is going to be in different places around the school. There will be many different fun activities that will be held in the Field House, Dunn Gym as well as outside. There will be relay races, gym games (like matball) and Pictionary to name a few; Mrs. Hibino stated, “Although we are postponing to May, I think students will still have the ability to learn more about one another while working together as a team. We hope to create a new tradition and continue to improve it each year.”

By Julianna Barbaro