On November 16th, the AHS Drama Guild will debut this year’s fall musical, Sweeney Todd: School Edition, in the Collins Center.

AHS students will be able to view the performance for only $5 (with a student ID) at any of their performances on Nov. 16, 17, 18, and 21 at 7:30pm; there will also be a matinee at 2:00pm on Nov. 19. Adults will be admitted for $20, while students without IDs and seniors will be admitted for $15, except on opening night, where all students and seniors will be admitted for $5.

This year, it will be more difficult than in previous years to schedule a school preview because the range of possible times for the showing is limited. Due to no school on Nov. 9th and 10th because of a teacher workshop day and Veteran’s Day Observance, there is not much time between the possible occasions for the preview and opening night. If the preview does occur, it will likely take place during H-Block so no time is taken from class.

According to Ms. Choquette, the musical’s director, the musical focuses on Sweeney Todd, a barber formerly named Benjamin Barker. After 15 years of being imprisoned by a biased judge, Sweeney returns to his hometown, London, only to find his wife dead and his child adopted by the same judge that imprisoned him. He then befriends Mrs. Lovett, a meat pie shop owner, who becomes his partner in crime. Choquette said that Sweeney Todd then shows “how he is seeking to get revenge on the people that turned his life upside-down.”

Sweeney Todd, who the show is named after, will be played by sophomore James Call, while Mrs. Lovett will be played by senior Katherine Wolfendale. The judge will be portrayed by senior Jake Dalimonte, while his assistant, the Beetle, will be played by senior Chris Marchese. The role of the judge’s adopted daughter will be filled by junior Katie Nam, while her lover, Anthony Hope, will be filled by sophomore Spencer Daniel.

The show will be a more challenging one despite a simplified version being used. Choquette explained that “this is a really challenging show. It’s a school edition, so it’s been simplified slightly, but even though it’s been simplified, it is still a challenge. Our cast is not only talented, but they’re hard working and the hardworking part is even more important in a show like this.”

By Kinsey Ogden