The annual Club Fair was held last week on Oct. 4 during lunch and showcased around 50 student-led organizations.

The Club Fair, held outside of the cafeteria, allows all students, especially freshman, the opportunity to be exposed to the wide range of activities that AHS offers. Not all clubs make it onto the morning announcements, so students might not know about the variety available to them.

Even some upperclassmen were shocked by the variety,  like Willa Huang, a junior who said, “There are so many clubs that I saw at the Club Fair that I never knew existed like Be the Change Club.”  

The event makes publicizing these clubs and increasing membership much easier. Navya Pandya, a freshman, said, “I think it’s pretty cool that you can show everybody what the clubs are, and it’s much easier for people to sign up.”

With at least five new clubs already having been started within the first month of school, the list of extracurriculars at AHS keeps growing. According to Mr. Darlington, if students want to start a new club, “they would need to pick up an application from Ms. Rizzo in the main office. On the club application, the club leaders must explain what the club is all about, include the name of a faculty advisor, and list the day, time, and location that the club will meet.”

By Karishma Mistry