The seniors’ class gift will be a fresh set of dryers for all the AHS bathrooms. The gift was announced at graduation on June 5.

Due to many seniors being unhappy with the current bathroom hand dryers, many of which do not work, the senior class chose hand dryers as their parting gift. The new hand dryers are expected to be installed this summer.

One senior, Lindsay Sakellarios, mentioned how in the girls’ bathroom, “the hand dryers often don’t work, but when they do the air coming out of it is too weak.” After having to deal with this problem for four years, the class of 2017 decided that it was time for an upgrade.

Some underclassmen agree that they hand dryers are problematic. One freshman, Jenni Schofield, said that the dryers “don’t work; either the power is cut to them, or the power isn’t powerful.” This results in having to shake the water off or desperately trying to dry one’s hands with toilet paper from the stalls.

According to Kelly Manuel, a Senior Board member, the Class of 2017 originally was going “to buy microwaves that students have access to.” After the idea was put aside because it could lead to safety issues, the board decided “the bathrooms needed a little TLC, and the hand dryers were the first thing that needed to be improved.”

Now the school will finally have functioning dryers that work well. According to Ms. McVeigh, a Senior Board advisor who helped organize the gift idea, the seniors feel that “every experience in the bathroom is different, and [the Senior Board] wanted to have all the same dryers in all the bathrooms working.”

McVeigh also hopes that it will “cut down on the exchange of illness,” while Manuel feels that students will “wash their hands more thoroughly too, knowing that they will have a place to dry them when they are done.”

By Kinsey Ogden