More than 400 students attended prom at the DoubleTree Hotel in Danvers on May 13, but this year only juniors could purchase tickets; seniors were only able to attend as a guest.

The evening was a success, according to junior Ally Bennett: “I definitely think it was a successful prom and so did everyone I spoke to. It was a really memorable night.”

A total of 430 tickets were sold to this year’s prom, far fewer than last year  when seniors could purchase tickets too. Physical education teacher and prom chaperone Ms. Emery said, “Not having a combined prom left us with 300 and something fewer bodies. This allowed for a quicker check-in into the prom, less waiting in line for food, dessert, bathroom and the photo booths.”

Chrispen Chokureva and Ally Bennett won Prom Royalty this year. When purchasing tickets, juniors nominated two people for prom royalty, and then a list of finalists was determined before the final voting process began.

Chokureva was very surprised when he won. “I clearly didn’t expect [it] even though those around me said constantly, ‘You’re gonna win, stop questioning it.’ I kept laughing because I couldn’t believe it, and when Ally and I won, I was in total shock, and I was freaking out.”

Chokureva and Bennett hope they can attend next year’s prom to pass on their “title” to the next well deserved winners.

Prom 2017 was a total success, and students had a lot of fun. Emery said, “At one point in the night, I looked around, and I think everyone but one was dancing! I was shocked and so excited to be part of a new tradition at AHS.”

By Han Duong