The Andover High School Fine Arts Department collaborated with the Art Club and National Art Honor Society to hold a field trip on Friday, May 7, where 35 students traveled around Boston to view various stained glass windows.

The purpose of the trip was to develop some artistic inspiration and ideas for a new project art club is working on. Students involved in the project will be creating a sculpture to hang in the foyer that will most likely be made out of plexiglass, a material that behaves similar to stained glass.

Students found this trip to very insightful and learned many new things about stained glass. Andover High School freshman Kat Shi said, “The place where they place the glass depends on where the sun would shine, and the blue glass sinks in while red glass pops out.” This is something that members of art club will have to keep in mind when designing the sculpture for the foyer due to the fact that at different times during the day, the lighting changes in the foyer because of the large windows.

Freshman Madison Jameson said, “I learned that it takes a long time to make stained glass and it’s important to pay attention to the history of the stained glass because it’s quite cool.”

By Han Duong