Andover has received three delays and two snow days so far this year. We may have had two snow days so far, but seniors are greedy for more, as it is what each 12th grade class looks forward to in the Northeast: school being cancelled without having to make up days at the end of the year.

Most people hate shoveling snow, salting their driveway, cleaning off the car and doing all of those winter chores that come along with living in New England. However, the way that this winter season is going, the seniors at Andover High School wouldn’t mind doing all that if it meant that they got some snow days. It is the best part of being a senior, but not for this year’s class of 2017.

New England is known to get some bad winters, such as in 2014 and 2015 when Boston accumulated a little over 8.5 feet of snow. The total snowfall for the winter of 2011-2012 was over 9 feet of snow, and in the winter of 1994 Boston got about 14.5 feet of snow.

Towards the end of January when Andover had not received any snow days, we asked Mr. Conrad how he felt about the snow situation, as well as a handful of seniors. Principal Conrad said, “I am fine with the fact that we have not had a snow day yet; there is plenty of winter left so I’m sure we’ll have some more opportunities to have one or two. If not, maybe we’ll have some delays.”

Andover High senior Dawna Badie said, “When you’re a senior, you kind of build up this idea in your mind about how many snow days you will get, and I think  a lot of people were expecting to have a lot. So not having any is really disappointing, but hopefully we have some coming our way.”

Another senior Karli Pearce said, “I obviously want some snow days because I’m a senior, but there have been some days when there have been a lot of accidents in the morning because the roads still weren’t ready, so I really think there could’ve been times where we should’ve had a snow day.”

Despite the two snow days in February, many AHS students hope that there will be more to come. “I am hoping for more, although I don’t like how some of my AP teachers will give us a ton of homework to make up for the missed days,” said Sarah MacGregor, a senior. Although unlikely, maybe a March snow storm will squeeze in one more snow day. The New England weather remains unpredictable.  

By Kristina Gerroir and Amanda LaMacchia