Over April vacation, Mr. Shea, Ms. Whalen, and a handful of students are taking a trip to Ireland and Scotland. The trip will be educational and fun, consisting of typical tourist activities. They will tour cultural places and experience shopping, music, and food. The group will visit Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh on their trip.

Mr. Shea has been doing trips similar to this for years. He has taken students to a variety of locations which include London, Paris, Belgium, Switzerland. Last summer he went with some students to a leadership summit to discuss human rights with people from around the world.

Shea hopes to share his love of traveling with students, saying “most of my profound, important learning experiences have come through traveling.” He hopes that students will learn about the world and themselves through this trip.

Andara Katong, a senior who signed up for the trip, is ready to learn from her experience. She believes travel is essential in order to be exposed to other cultures and ideas that are easy to forget or disregard when an individual is limited to only their own culture. “I think that pretty much everyone my age should travel overseas if given the opportunity,” said Katong.  

By Amelia Faucher and Serena Li