After their triumphant 2016 season that concluded with 9 wins, 7 losses, and 2 ties, three of the varsity girls soccer team captains were asked a few questions regarding their season. Lydia Rankin, a forward, Gabby Gillette, a goalie, and Shelby Ganem, a center-mid had a lot to say.

How do you think that the season went?

Ganem said, I was gonna say I think it went pretty well considering last year we didn’t make states, and this year we made it into the second round of states, which is something that doesn’t happen often.”

What are the qualities that a team needs to succeed?

Ganem said, Working together and being cohesive, and the team needs to be inclusive.” “And everyone needs to have the same goal”, Rankin added. Gillette concluded that, “Everyone has to want it or else you’re never going to get it.”

What was the highlight of the season?
Winning our first state game against Masco because we were down for the entire game and we came back and ended up winning, 2-1,” said Rankin.

Gillette added that, “Also the game against Methuen was [memorable] because we came back in literally the last five seconds to tie it [the game].  Just seeing the team kinda work together and all everyone bringing each other. The best games were the games where everyone decided that they wanted it.”

I heard you had a freshman goalie, did any other girls get moved up?
Not to varsity, no other freshmen but we did have a couple girls pulled up for states from the JV team,” Ganem said.

What was the hardest part of this season?
Rankin said, Definitely the last game, as captains organizing it, there’s a lot behind the team in the season that we weren’t prepared for.”

Do any of you play any other sports at AHS?
“No, some of us played lacrosse last year, but it’s hard to juggle more than one sport,” said Gillette.

By Livia Iwanicki