By Audrey Gallacher
Drawing by Audrey Gallacher

The concert band and orchestra played an in school concert on Friday December 2, in the Collins Center to showcase their music. The concert brought in a large audience, with spectators nearly filling up the entire auditorium every block. Teachers and students who attended enjoyed a variety of songs from “Stinkin Garbage” to Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”.

The students seemed to enjoy the concert very much and think that it should happen more often. “I thought that the concert was a great way for the rest of the school to appreciate what the band and orchestra have been working on so far,” said junior PJ Ganci.

One of the two orchestra teachers, Mrs. Hofius, expressed similar feelings, stating that she was excited about playing music from two different centuries.

Both groups had strong performances and felt that they performed well. Sean Moon, a trombonist in the band, who also performed a solo at the concert said, “This was one of the best performances the concert band has executed in my high school career. This year, with great repertoire, an exceptional conductor and teacher, and ample talented players, this showcase was truly memorable.”

Gavin Batsimm, a violinist in the orchestra shared a similar sentiment and said, “I know a lot of people put in a lot of work throughout the year, and our efforts payed off well.”

The in school concerts that occur each fall are usually the only opportunity that both the band and the orchestra have to showcase their work to the student body of AHS. With busy schedules, it is hard for students to fully embrace the broad range of activities outside the normal school hours. Ms. Meagher, an english teacher, said, “It’s important to recognize the talents of musicians among us and I don’t think there’s enough opportunities. Kids are so busy with their own lives sometimes school is the only way for them to experience each other’s talents.”

By Lekhya Sathi and Rachel Manning