Mr. Tripoli, a teacher of 17 years, has recently been employed as a new member of the math department at Andover High School. Before coming to AHS, he taught in a number of other towns in Massachusetts as a full time teacher and long term substitute teacher.

Tripoli’s first decade of teaching was in Springfield, although he has also taught in Lynn, and he was also a long-term substitute in Peabody and Triton after that.  

Prior to pursuing teaching, Tripoli spent time studying other disciplines that he utilizes in the classroom. Tripoli said, “I grew up in the 1950’s in East Boston and I’ve spent time in western Mass. My graduate degree is in history…  I think this provides a broader perspective of the world beyond teaching.”

With his students at AHS, he has expressed his appreciation for math’s versatility. He said he likes that “math is a puzzle, in class you’re solving things in an understandable way that non-math people can understand. I also like how math can be used as a tool for so many applications.”

Tripoli is also a proponent of equality and overcoming prejudices. He added that, “I grew up in a Catholic Italian community with certain stereotypes.” Tripoli recently turned 66, and found that “looking back I’d say that stereotypes don’t work and you shouldn’t pass premature judgment on people.”

Commenting on his first impressions of AHS, Tripoli said that “The students are very polite and nice. There is a sense of relevance in education that’s stronger than other areas I’ve taught at. The staff is nice and the building is in good shape.”

Tripoli confirmed that he has no relation to the Tripoli bakery. He said “No, there’s no connection, but I’d love to go there and try it someday, I’ve heard good things.”

By Nick Gilpin