This fall, a new club called Lending Lingo has been created to assist curious middle school students in studying foreign languages. The club meets in room 309 after school each Wednesday and then goes to West Middle School for an hour to tutor the students.

The goal of Lending Lingo is to help students with their foreign language homework and participate in fun activities such as Bingo or scavenger hunts. Members of the club don’t need to be experts in a particular language, but they should have some knowledge of the language that is beyond the middle school level. “Our main mission is to encourage students to pursue foreign languagesnot just the ones that are offered at school, but to have them recognize the fact that learning a language opens up many doors,” said Maggie Shea, the club’s co-founder.

The club was started by seniors Paula Pinto and Maggie Shea as a way to raise the level of interest in learning languages. Students in Andover are able to choose a foreign language to learn starting in middle school, and Lending Lingo hopes to provide students with inspiration to continue to pursue their language of choice throughout high school and beyond.  

Lending Lingo sets itself apart from other tutoring institutions by teaching these languages in a fun yet creative manner. “We want to help middle schoolers with their languages in school, but also teach them other skills like learning to cook,” said Pinto. For example, the club wants to teach kids how to make eclairs as a part of the French unit. In addition to cooking, the club also plans to watch movies and listen to songs as a way to help in the language-learning process.

By Amanda LaMacchia