The Andover High School freshman field hockey had an undefeated season this fall, with 13 wins and 4 ties.

The field hockey season has come to an end this past month, and the freshman field hockey team went through the season without a loss and seemed to work well together on the field. When asked what qualities may have attributed to their victory, team member Livia Iwanicki said “I think we try to work together… We all like getting the ball, obviously, and we all like trying to get a goal, but we all work together, and we have to be a family.”

Coach Catherine Gross said that “it takes dedication and perseverance to get to this point.” She thought that the team’s success could also be attributed to the fact that they had passion and “their passion for the game and for being a part of the team was obvious to anyone who came to our games.” They also “knew how to balance working hard and having fun,” she said. So not only did the girls play hard and work well, but they were also able to have an enjoyable time while doing it.

According to the Gross, “If the girls continue to work during the off-season,…they will have a great JV season.” Unfortunately, according to team member Sophia Polacke, some players may not try out for the JV team next year, since “some people might want to explore other sports,” but there is still a chance for most players to return to the game next year. Since Gross confirmed that “the girls on the freshman team have a strong chance of making Junior Varsity next year,” the team could bring their talent and hard work to the JV team, but it is their choice.

Gross also mentioned how they “had 21 girls at the start,” but “one girl [moved] up to JV halfway through the season,” demonstrating  that the team and its players had potential from the start.

By Kinsey Ogden