This Tuesday, November 22, former Celtics player Chris Herren will speak to Andover High School students to share his battle with addiction.

Herren grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts and went from a town league basketball team to the NBA Boston Celtics. He was a success story, having worked his way up to the big leagues in a town not known for an overwhelming amount of prosperity. However, the back alleys of Fall River told a different story of Chris Herren, one where he began his lifelong battle with drug addiction.

“He is excellent at telling his story and helping kids look at their own lives and the choices they make” said health teacher Mrs. McVeigh.

After an accident that almost took his life, Herren decided to confront his addiction and turn away from drugs. Now sober since the summer of 2008, he travels to high schools to inform teens of the dangers of addiction, and also has an organization called The Herren Project.

“I think for our community,” McVeigh commented, “the more opportunities [students] have to see speakers like these can only be helpful.”

By Sydney Bergan