Mr. Berube, Andover High School librarian, has started to introduce new young adult books into the AHS library this year because he feels that reading is an important part of building a student’s future.

The funds for these books come out of the Andover High School library budget, as well as from donations. This year Mr. Berube found a way to stretch his budget and to bring in more books: subscription services. Each month, around a dozen books from the service find a new home in the young adult section of the library.

Berube said he found that subscriptions are an easier and smarter way to manage new book procurement; new books come in all school year instead of a single haul in the first few weeks of school. This way, he says, novels coming in are fresh and popular.

Mr. Berube also said that many students get hooked on sci-fi series and graphic novels, which are just two of the many genres that the library offers.

More books have been checked out of the library this year than others because of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) in English classes. SSR requires students to independently read for a fixed amount of time during class. A total of 136 books have been checked out through the first few weeks of October.

Why does Mr. Berube feel that having new young adult books in the library is important? Well, he said, reading is important. “Once we leave school we are responsible for our own education,” he said. “We teach ourselves, and the only way to do that is through reading.

By Livia Iwanicki