The 2016 season was historic for Andover High School’s three show choirs: “Nothin’ But Treble”, “Back to Bassics”, and “From Start to Finish.” Despite the massive success of this year, the group of upwards of 90 students had to face a cold reality of the future after learning that they would potentially need to cut two out of the three choirs if they didn’t have enough students sign up.

This possibility of losing 2 of their choirs was in a no way a result of a disappointing year. Current sophomore Charlotte Lowell says that show choir has “had some really incredible successes this year and all 3 groups worked really hard on [their] shows and ended up earning three grand champion awards between the all boys and all girls group. The mixed group also won all gold medals for the first time ever.” This is her second year in the show choir program, and she expressed her disappointment about the prospect of two out of the three groups being cut if they didn’t have enough kids sign up next year.

After a month of intense advertising through morning announcements, Facebook posts, and dancing clinics, the sign up list finally had enough names on it to run all three groups. Lowell credits this to “really intense recruitment and a huge wave of incoming 8th graders.” Junior Edward Lu says that “between the last minute sign ups and the handful of girls who are doing both FSTF and NBT, [they] have ended up having enough people to do NBT. BTB is still airing on the small side, but [he] thinks that there are a few guys who plan on joining at the start of next year. Graduating senior Taejasvi Narayan encourages any boys who may be interested in joining show choir to talk to Mr. Mercer.

Every year each show choir’s set of songs has a theme and a general story that is portrayed. None of the themes has yet to be announced. Freshmen Anna Marusich says that “the cool thing about show choir is that we choose our sets to have a message and story.”

Just last week the members of show choir were informed that their director Mark Mercer would be moving on to a new phase of his life. “He’s moving to Ohio at the end of the summer to be closer to his family and to pursue his PhD,” says Narayan. “We are sad to see him leave, but whoever comes in next will have the help of the student leadership team that he’s chosen to lead next year and he has no doubt in his mind that next year could be even better than this year. The program isn’t going to fall apart and we all can’t wait to see where it goes next!” she says. Lowell expresses her gratitude towards Mr. Mercer as well. “The entire music community appreciates all of the passion and hard work that he has put into our program,” she says, “but we’ll continue to grow and carry out the legacy that he’s left us.”

By Juliana Lugg