In April, the Andover High School Science Team was crowned winner of the North Shore Science League for the second year in a row. Through the contributions of around 84 students, the team, co-captained by senior Amrutha Palaniappan and junior Allison Mackenzie, was able to emerge victorious even when facing 22 other schools.

Members of the science team studied hard throughout the year, constantly expanding their knowledge on obscure, yet fascinating topics. Despite this academic rigor, the entire atmosphere of the team was one of fun and great friendship between the members. A sense of community formed amongst the group, and inside jokes were a common occurrence. For instance, senior James Zhou “was constantly referred to by team members as ‘Chem God,’” said Palaniappan, who said she herself “found an incredible bond and sense of togetherness” in the team and “felt immediately welcomed into” to the team when she moved to AHS in sophomore year.

By retaining such a family-like atmosphere, the 15 seniors on the team this year will surely be missed by the underclassmen. As Science Team Program Advisor Mr. Donovan said, “[The seniors] were extremely important, not only for the knowledge and experience they brought, but for the leadership, enthusiasm and welcoming spirit they extended to all team members.”

Nevertheless, the Science Team is eager for new members to join next year. In addition to competing at meets with other schools, Science Team members will be able to take part in opportunities such as home meets and events, and national competitions like the Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. Science Department Head, Mr. Sanborn added, “The science team [is] an excellent way to engage in scientific thinking and skills in a different forum,” which can help students to “employ…science knowledge and skills in a very different setting”

The AHS Science Team is confident that losing instrumental senior members this year will not disrupt its ability for a three-time win. Co-captain Palaniappan, for example, has full faith in her team to do even better if not just as well as this year. Mr. Donovan also felt the same, saying, “There are plenty of Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen on the team ready maintain the same great traditions and build on past successes.”

By Trisha Ballakur