For the last two weeks, Andover High School’s Sophomore Board has been selling green bracelets to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness to commemorate Kristen Stark, who committed suicide in February.

When Kristen Stark, an AHS sophomore committed suicide over this past February break, it caused students to begin to raise awareness for suicide prevention in order to educate fellow classmates on the dangerous reality suicide poses as well as ways to get help.

The Sophomore Board decided to sell bracelets that are green, which was Kristen’s favorite color, and donate all of the money raised to suicide prevention programs. The bracelets are being sold for $5 each.

“I just think that they are a good way to remember her and to try to prevent this from happening” said AHS Sophomore Board member Patrick Connell.

The Sophomore Board is currently discussing the different ways in which the money can be spent to prevent any future suicides amongst our student body, including suicide awareness programs at school.

By Sydney Bergan