For the month of March I continued my practice of Mindfulness Meditation and learned more about the practice itself in an attempt to relieve stress. March is the second month I have practiced meditation in the hopes of living a more centered, energized and calm life. In my first month practicing meditation, I felt only slightly more energized and relaxed, however, in the past 31 days I have improved my meditating skills and the results are evident. Primarily, I feel more relaxed and less stressed about the daily struggles of being a high school senior. Furthermore, I can fall asleep easier and get up quicker in the morning. As I continued to learn about meditation I acquired more tips for beginners, like myself. It is very helpful to prop oneself up on a pillow or blanket. When your knees are slopped downward it is much more comfortable and your back should hurt less. Another tip is to start out small. I began at ten minutes, but any amount of meditation can help relieve stress if you practice every day, try beginning with five minutes! Throughout the month of March I also attended weekly meditation practices at Clear and Now Holistic Healing in Andover.  With these classes, along with my daily ten minutes of practice, my meditation skills truly improved along with my desire to meditate.

Next month I will be practicing Loving and Kindness meditation in the hopes of informing students about what it is and how it affects me.


By Kate Hunt