Although this year’s AHS Person Of The Year contest had a few twists and turns, the results have revealed the winner: current junior Won Hee Han!

Each of our contestants and five finalists were more than qualified to be named the victor, but perhaps Won Hee’s success reflects the mindset in which he approaches all of his endeavors at AHS: with utmost commitment.

Just as Won Hee puts his best effort forward in the Environmental Club, competitions such as Mr. AHS, and his vigorous classes, he also put it towards this contest. It wasn’t an uncommon sight in the last few weeks to see Won Hee explaining to his peers why they should vote for him. Won Hee refuses to back down when it comes to making AHS a better place, and he also put that same mentality towards winning the title of AHS Person Of The Year, and thus for this reason we are proud to announce this year’s winner.

Thank you to all who voted, and to all of our contestants for played a role in the AHS community this year.

By The Warrior Weekly Staff