On March 14, members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society visited elementary schools in the district for the second annual Blue and Gold Beat.IMG_5599

The Blue and Gold Beat program allows high school students in Tri-M to lead and participate in an elementary school music class. In a way, it is similar to the Warrior Way, as AHS students introduce opportunities to the young children and encourage musical pursuits.

This year, eight students were divided amongst the elementary schools. During each elementary school’s music classes the Tri-M students demonstrated their instruments and talked about their experiences in either the high school band, orchestra, or chorus. They also played musical games and performed dances with the children.

One Tri-M member who is also a member of AHS’ chorus is Erin Hanrahan, a current junior. “My favorite moment,” she said, “was probably when another Tri-M girl, Teagan, was teaching the kids about her trumpet and they just got so into it! There’s more interest in music now than ever before and seeing kids get so excited about it was awesome!”

The overarching goal of the program was successfully achieved, as Yazhini Ramesh, president of Andover’s Tri-M chapter, explained. While describing the importance of starting music at a young age, she said, “We wanted to inspire the younger generation to recognize the value of music.”

The exchange between the Tri-M students and the elementary schoolers was one that positively influenced both groups. Hanrahan reflected, “Music is so often ignored as an option for kids and I think those kids took away that music is real and valuable and anyone can be a part of it. I’m just happy that I was able to be a part of maybe changing someone’s life or just even making them think about music in a different, better way.”

Ramesh concluded, “I have seen firsthand how music can transform lives. Through Blue and Gold Beat, we hope to do the same by igniting a spark in at least one aspiring student and encouraging them to develop their musical skills in the future.”

By Emai Lai and Juliana Lugg