An ongoing survey recently conducted by University of New Hampshire will be redone on April 7 due to kids who weren’t previously participants in the survey last year attempting to take it this year, thus invalidating the results.

Last year Andover High School was asked to be one of 28 schools to partake in a survey that UNH was giving through a program called Bringing in the Bystander.The survey is through a program that is designed to promote healthy relationships. UNH got approval to give this survey to AHS as well as 28 other high schools by The Center for Disease Control. About 180 students in 9 of the health classes at AHS each took the survey two times. Of these nine classes, five were taught an actual lessons through the program about dating violence. The classes without the lesson were considered the control group. Both sets of classes then both took the same survey.

“They’re trying to develop a model ciriculum that high schools all over the country can use to help to teach students about dating violence and dating relationships and the whole concept behind Bringing in the Bystander.” Mr. McNally, the head of the health department commented.

The problem that administration faced this school year was that the kids who were previously all in the same health class were now in completely different classes, consequently making it complicated for the administration to bring all of the participating students together to take the survey without disturbing class time. The solution to this issue was to have all of the kids who had taken the survey last year take the second part during their lunch block. After the surveys had been taken it became apparent that about 30 kids who did not have permission or consent from their parents to take the survey had participated in it, thus ruining the controlled data.

This complication may have arisen from students not being aware that there was a set plan in place concerning the survey. “People need to know that is that this isn’t just a random thing, there’s a lot of controls in place.” Mr. McNally said.

By Sydney Bergan