Who defined the year that was at Andover High School? The Warrior Weekly staff has created a list of individuals that have made positive impacts to our school community. Below is a brief introduction to each of the AHS choices. We at the Warrior Weekly welcome you to read about those around you and then vote via our online survey for whom you think is the Andover High School Person of the Year. Results will be tallied and then the finalists will be announced and the final round of voting will begin. The reigning champion is Michael Briggs. Click here  to read about him.

Mr. Conrad

No matter the weather, Principal Phillip Conrad is often seen greeting students as they enter school in the morning. The former principal of Rockport High School said that he did the same thing there, and wanted to continue that routine at AHS when he began working there this past September. This speaks to his determination to get to know the students and take that extra step to be more than just an administrative presence. He can also be seen supporting the school at sports games and seizes every opportunity to be aware of what is going on in the high school.

Raini Huynh & Dana Donovan

Both currently juniors at AHS, Raini and Dana are most known for having the winning act at the 2016 Mr. AHS competition. They wowed both the audience and the judges with their unique act and charisma. Read about the Mr. AHS competition here. In addition to this, both Raini and Dana are also involved in a variety of aspects of our school. Most notably, Raini is a crucial member of both the boys soccer team and winter and spring track team, and Dana is an impressive singer and actress, having had a role in the fall musical In The Heights.

Mr. Pellerin

Mr. Pellerin has been working at Andover High School for nearly two decades, and has become one of the most loved teachers here at the high school. Teaching AP English, Dramatic Literature, Survey of British Literature, Mr. Pellerin’s blogs are a highlight of his classes. Dramatic readings can often be heard through the walls of his classroom, as the excitement that he has for his teaching and literature cannot be contained within one classroom. Mr. Pellerin works with students for community service opportunities, and shaved his head this year to promote the Be Bold Be Bald campaign to stand in solidarity with people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Edward Lu

When the Collins Center comes alive with the music, you can be sure to find Edward Lu among the students of AHS. In this year’s musical, ‘In the Heights,’ Edward took on a lead role alongside Emma Harris in a series of stunning performances. Edward is an active member of Andover’s Vocal Music Association and can also be found singing in From Start to Finish, Back to Basics, and Chamber choir. Edward is part of Tri-M music honor society, a former member of the swim team, and plays the piano and the violin.

Arman Koul

Arman Koul is a current senior at Andover High School, and he is an active member throughout the high school community. He participates in athletics, for this year he was captain of the varsity football team. He also holds many other leadership positions such as a member of the executive board of National Honor Society and leader of Debate Club. He is an excellent student and showcases his love for learning by taking many AP classes.

Tim Chen

Tim Chen is a current senior at Andover High School, and is truly passionate about the school. He is the leader of Debate Club, Mock Trial, Student Government and Homework Helpers. Tim is also the student body representative on School Council and School Committee. He is very passionate about learning and does what he can to make the school a better place.

Mr. Drummond

Mr. Drummond, currently a substitute teacher, taught math for 40 years at AHS, from 1969 to 2009. Drummond is revered by students for his captivating stories, which range from his travels in Brazil to his experiences at AHS. Drummond brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does, whether it be relaying his infamous tales or pursuing his hobby of birdwatching. Click here for previous article about Drummond. He also often attends AHS sports events to show his support for the school. His dedication to the school has not gone unnoticed, as he is nearly a celebrity among students, many of whom confess that having Drummond as a substitute teacher generally brightens their day.

The AHS Custodians

As each day passes on and we find ourselves going through the usual craziness of our day-to-day lives, we may not realize that the school we left behind the day before, filled with trash, stray worksheets and lost pencils, is always spotlessly restored to us each morning. One could call this service magic; however, others may know it truthfully as the work of our custodians. These fearless, hardworking staff members are many times forgotten by the student body, despite spending their days cleaning up after all of us. It is our duty to show our respect for what they do for us. Therefore, let us acknowledge these vital members of our AHS community today and show them our appreciation with a vote.

Mackenzie Kennedy

Mackenzie Kennedy is a current senior at AHS, and is involved in many activities in and out of school. Her participation in sports has been especially impressive, for she was the captain of the volleyball team in both her junior and senior year, as well as being a manager for the boys volleyball team. In addition to this, Kennedy is also on the SADD board of directors, and a chairperson for the Warrior Way. She is also an invested tutor, being a part of a community outreach program at the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club, as well as being a tutor at West and Wood Hill middle schools. Kennedy’s has also excelled academically, and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Won Hee Han

“Hello, this is Won Hee from the environmental club” has become a sentiment that students have become familiar with during the last two years. Won Hee Han, a junior at AHS, is not only the spokesperson and president of the Environmental Club, but is also involved in a variety of after school clubs and activities throughout AHS. Most recently, Han was a participant in the Mr. AHS competition. Click here to read more about the Mr. AHS competition. Although he did not win, Han exhibited countless talents such as his impressive ability to play the electric guitar. In addition to his numerous extracurriculars, Han is also currently taking 4 Advanced Placement courses, and continues to challenge himself both academically and extracurricularly.

Girls Swim and Dive Team

This year, the AHS Girls Swim and Dive Team accomplished an amazing feat, winning their 250th win. Considering there are only 9-12 meets a year, this is quite an accomplishment. All 250 wins were under the direction of Coach Marilyn Fitzgerald, a guiding force of direction and support to the girls. For more information about the amazing accomplishment of the Swim team this year, click here. Every year, the Girls Swim and Dive Team excels yet rarely gets recognition for their success because it has become expected that they will do well. This year, we are going to change that by nominating the entire team as AHS Person of the Year.

Warrior Weekly Staff