The drama fest competition has begun, and Andover High School is one of 3 schools to advance after the preliminary rounds our school hosted last week.

Andover will now be going on to the semi finals in Danvers along with schools like Malden Catholic, Hingham, and Taunton. This is quite an achievement for Andover performers, as their performance of 33 Variations was one of three shows selected to advance to the semi-finals out of eight plays in the preliminary rounds.

312641ad-0510-415e-a887-6c87ec6f271dPhoto Courtesy of Julianna Lugg 

Ms. Choquette, who prepared students for these performances, spoke about what lead the students to their success and what she as a director was most proud of about the performance. She said “The show is very technically complex, we have 3 projectors, period costumes, and a significant progression of the main character, yet we were able to put it all together and move beyond the preliminary round.”

Speaking more to the dramafest competition as a whole Ms. Choquette said, “I like events like this because I think it is important to emphasize the festival aspect, because it provides a unique way for art to be judged. Finals are the ultimate goal but they are very hard to get to, yet just being in the top 14 is a great achievement that allows students to believe in the art they’ve created.”

Ms. Choquette then said, “As a director I loved the play, selection is very important because it has to be a good story but one that suits the performers’ talents. I love the message it has and think it’s very powerful. It shows that everyone struggles, but there must be something fruitful that comes out of it.”

Semifinals take place this weekend.

By Nick Gilpin