This Thursday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), the AHS Junior Board will be hosting an action-packed Dodgeball Tournament starting at 3 p.m.

Teams of five members will face off in a bracket-style tournament to win the title of AHS 2016 Dodgeball Tournament Champions.

Those interested should sign up as soon as possible with either Mrs. Hibino or Mrs. Chachus, but the Junior Board will still allow teams to sign up at the door before the tournament begins. Both Andover High students and staff are welcome and encouraged to form teams to participate in this fun-filled event.

dodgeball1.JPGPhoto Courtesy of Gina Campbell 

The Junior Board created the tournament last year, and many staff and students who participated previously know the fun that it entails. One such student, Marc Yebra, currently a senior at AHS expressed that “[p]laying last year was really fun,” and that he was “glad [he] got to play in the tournament because it made [him] even closer to [his] friends, and [they] still talk about it to this day”.

Additionally, Yebra, who will be participating again this year, pointed out that the “rules are fair, and the level of playing ranges from low to high,” advising afterwards that anyone interested should definitely “go out and take a shot at it”, for it “might be the underdog team that rises to the occasion”.

“If you love to win, and love to have fun with your friends” Yebra says, “then I strongly recommend joining the dodgeball tournament”.

By Trisha Ballakur