After a disappointing lack of response from the students, Officer Jason Dowd decided to cancel the Police Experience Week program that was scheduled to take place during February vacation. The program was to be held at the Police Station downtown and would be similar to the program that took place last April vacation  (Click here for more info:

The week before February vacation Officer Dowd made multiple announcements to raise awareness for the program. However, as only two students had responded to these announcements, Officer Dowd decided that the program simply could not be held at that time.

Officer Dowd currently plans on having the Police Experience Week in the summer. He believes that the small amount of interest displayed by students was attributed to the fact that students did not want to “sit in desks during their February vacation after having done that for so many days before.” By moving the program to a week during summer vacation, Dowd expects that more students will be willing to participate.

Looking back on his advertising of the program, Officer Dowd states that he would have “put up a lot more posters, would have made more announcements, and [he] would have run some advertisements on the monitors in the cafeteria”. Additionally, Dowd said that he would like to have come into student’s classrooms in the morning to create awareness about the program that way as well.

By Trisha Ballakur