The 2016 Election is coming full speed ahead, and with candidates such as a former first lady, the brother of a past president, and a billionaire television icon all running for the oval office, this election is guaranteed to be an exciting one.


Hillary Clinton


Government Official/Women’s Rights Activist, Former First Lady  

“Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” – Hillary Clinton

Economic Reforms:  According to Clinton’s campaign website, she wants ensure that the American Dream (if one works hard, he or she will be successful) is a reality by giving hard working Americans the pay they deserve. Also, she advocates for companies to focus on long term growth and investment in their workers to beget larger profits, increased productivity and better service. Finally, as the Wall Street Journal views it, Clinton wants to be a champion for small businesses and for equal trade opportunities in the Stock Market.

Foreign Policy: As Clinton explains in her campaign site, she believes that once America becomes a role model country, other governments will follow its role. To achieve this status of leading “with principle and purpose,” she believes that the U.S. should have a strong economic foundation, a set of core values it adheres to, and cutting edge military and safety services. Clinton would also strengthen relationships with other countries, especially Israel by encouraging them to defend themselves, and as the Council on Foreign Relations points out, Afghanistan by helping to stabilize the country and bring Al-Qaeda and its affiliates to justice.


Ted Cruz


Lawyer, U.S. Senator

“The power of the American people as we stand up and fight for liberty knows no bounds.” – Ted Cruz


Economic Reforms: According to Cruz’s campaign website, he wants to defund the Affordable Care Act (a law that allows access to health care through the government) created by President Obama in order to return the jobs and money that he believes the people lost as a result of the program. Cruz also advocates giving entrepreneurs and small businesses the power to innovate.

Foreign Policy: Cruz believes that national security interests are his top priority and as he states on his website, to make the country a strong, safe place, America should be a world leader, have a secure border, and have a more efficient immigration process. Also, According to The Daily Caller, if the U.S. military force is to be called upon in foreign interactions, it is not to be used to help rebuild another nation, but to bring safety to Americans.